The total cost is $1200. This includes all the events included listed under the schedule, as well as all the meals. This does not include accommodation. Options can be found below. There is a 3% booking fee for paying with credit card. Please fill out the form and review the site for getting answers to your questions.




  1. Stay at the house. There are 2 double rooms available. 2 beds in separate rooms, but with only one exit. So you are partially sharing a room. Book the whole double room for $169 per night (this will make it private). Or split with another guest for $85 per night.

  2. There are also 3 bunk beds in the basement. The bottom bunk in each is available, 3 people will share the basement, for $59 per night.

    The layout of the home is a bit unusual, please contact Jon or Maria at YellowBird Vacations at 269-469-1412 for questions about the rooms.

  3. Stay off property and commute.

    We recommend contacting Jon or Maria at YellowBird Vacations at 269-469-1412 for rental options and questions about accommodation.

  4. Additional lodging options can be found at the Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce website.